Rollators are mobility aids that have three or four wheels that help you manage your direction of movement and keep you active and independent. The key to enjoying your rollator would be to get one that is versatile, no matter the activity. It should be great for indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Many features determine whether or not a rollator is good or bad How can you distinguish  a good rollator from a bad one? Find out below:

Good rollators should have soft, rubber tires

A good rollator should have soft tires that are made of rubber. This is beneficial as it helps to keep balance and reduces the bounce and vibration as you move. They also prevent avoidable hazards, and they have better suspension. The softness of the tires also gives excellent support when you rest your entire weight on it.

Good rollators should have good and working brakes

Another easy way to spot a good rollator is that its brakes must be reliable and very functional. A rollator’s brakes should be easy to operate, easy to engage, and easily accessible. There are different types of brakes for a rollator. We have the push-down brakes and the loop brakes, they primarily serve the same purpose but are operated in different ways. Choose the one that works for you.

It must be low weight

One of the essentials of a good rollator is that it should not be too heavy. This means that it is made with high-quality materials such as carbon. You must consider the needs of those who may like to assist you, for example, if you have a caregiver. How much weight are they able to carry? Your rollators should be lightweight and easy to carry, in the case where it is necessary.

A good rollator should be easily foldable

Portability is paramount when it comes to getting a rollator. If you travel often, you would need to put your rollator in a vehicle, so a good rollator must be easy to fold. Foldability also helps to save space and store when not in use.

It must have a good seat with backrest

Sometimes, you may need to sit while you’re using your rollator. This is why you must look at its seat width. Does it sit comfortably? Is the backrest strong enough to support your weight? This is one way to differentiate a good rollator from a bad one.


Rollators are a great way to stay active and independent, they become a part of your daily life. Therefore, you need to take out time to carefully research the one you want to buy before you make a purchase. Features that offer comfort, convenience, and efficiency is the key to spot a good rollator from a bad rollator.

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