Can I bring a rollator on a plane? What will it cost to put my rollator in the plane’s luggage compartment? These are all logical questions that we will gladly help you with.

Can I bring a rollator on a plane?

In many instances, this question can be answered with ‘yes’. Many air carriers will allow you to take a rollator on the plane, though the rollator’s foldability plays an important factor in the answer of this question. Both The Trollimaster and the Double MultiMotion are extremely easy to fold and can be brought onto the plane in almost every instance. There are a few situations that can occur and are important to keep in mind:

1) You are in need of a rollator and want to take it with you for personal use. In this case, most air carriers will allow you to bring a rollator on the plane. Often, though, you are required to ask for special assistance, and they will allow you to board the plane via a different entrance.
2) You are bringing the rollator for somebody else. Normally, there are costs attached to bringing the rollator if this is the case. Depending on the measurements, the rollator will be considered either hold luggage or hand luggage. With measurements greater than 100x75x65 cm, the rollator will normally be considered hold luggage.

The best rollator to bring on a plane.

Despite the fact that air carriers have a solution to the transportation of almost every type of rollator, it is always smart to take this into account when purchasing one. If you are in need of a foldable rollator that is easier to transport by car as well as by plane (often in hand luggage), the MultiMotion Double would be a good purchase for you.

Apply for special assistance.

It might be wise to ask for special assistance if you want to board a plane with your rollator. Often, you can find out how this works on the website of your air carrier. At Transavia, for example, you can apply for special assistance 48 hours before your flight.

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