We sometimes get the question whether we have a physical store. However, we decided to only sell our products online. There are many reasons why we made this decision. We may not be able to elaborate on all of them in this single article, but we can look closely at the important ones. Below, you can find a few reasons why we only sell our rollators via a webshop.

  • We can offer good prices

We don’t have to deal with high overhead costs such as staff members and paying for physical stores. Therefore, we can offer good prices and sell products to customers all over the world.

  • We Know the struggle

When we wanted to buy a rollator for our grandmother, we were helped very badly. First, the salesman asked us to test a rollator that would cost us roughly 50 euros. Then he gave us an expensive rollator of more than 350 euros so we could feel the difference. Eventually, you have no choice but to pick the costly rollator. As the store sellers don’t give a fair price comparison, you end up overpaying for your rollator. This is not the case in our webshop. We only sell high-quality walkers for a good price.

  • Easy Choosing

Another reason we prefer to serve you via an online shop is to allow you to choose yourself. You can read about our rollators in your own time without having a salesman pushing you. We make choosing easily as we don’t sell many rollators, but only a few good ones. In addition, we offer 100 days free trial, as we believe in our products.


Lucas Mobility is a rollator webshop that offers only high quality and cost-effective rollators. The main goal of the store is to meet the mobility needs of the client while providing exceptional services and prices.

Are you considering buying a lightweight folding rollator with seat and backrest? Lucas Mobility is the place to be.


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