Keeping your rollator in a perfect shape is important to avoid malfunctions and mishaps that may arise from poor usage. In this guide, you will learn how to take good care of the wheels, the handles, the seats and backrest and all other parts of your  rollator.

  • Clean It Regularly With a Sponge

It is essential to clean your rollator regularly. It can attract dirt and dust, so get some soap, a bucket and a towel or sponge. Wipe off the dirt on the seat, backrest, handles and frames. Don’t allow it to be wet for too long. If you have been with it in the rain or snow, dry it off as soon as possible. This keeps the materials in top condition.

  • Store it indoors 

You should not leave your rollator outdoors continuously, as it may lead to the gradual breakdown of some of its parts. Leaving it outside also makes the seats, backrest and handle grip susceptible to wear and tear faster than usual. We recommend you to store your walker in your room.

  • Check the Brakes Regularly

Just like a car, bicycle or any vehicle, the brakes are an essential part of your rollator. It is important to check the brakes regularly to see whether they are in goodcondition. If your rollator brake is in poor condition or fails, you may be at risk of accidents and crashes.

  • Inflate the Tires When Flat

Rollators have tires with 3 or 4 wheels. These tires are made with either hard plastic or soft rubber. They can be punctured and lose air. A flat tire will make it difficult to wheel around. Inflate the tires once you find out that they have lost air, to keep them in good shape.

  • Check the Handle Grips during Weather Changes

When there is a change in weather, the grips on the handles of your rollator may get loose and slip off. In hot weather, they may expand and move from position. Ensure that it is always firmly put in place so that you don’t injure your wrist or cause an accident.


Summarily, checking your rollator often will give you an idea of what you need to repair or put in place. Change the parts that need to be changed and fix the failing parts. This will be beneficial in maintaining a long-lasting, quality rollator that remains in perfect shape.

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