A rollator doesn’t have to be cumbersome and awkward. There are plenty of rollators that you can fold up with ease. The MultiMotion Double, for example, is foldable to the size of a very small package and can easily be transported by car as well as by plane. In this blogpost, you will learn more about the advantages of a foldable rollator and we will explain how to fold the MultiMotion Double.

Advantages of foldable rollators.

#1 – Easily transported by plane.
In many cases, you are allowed to take a rollator as hand luggage on a plane. However, some air carriers are more lenient about these rules than others. The chances of you being allowed to take your rollator on the plane as hand luggage are bigger when it is foldable. Rollators that take up more space than 100x75x65 cm are often considered to be divergent.

#2 – Takes up little space in the trunk of a car.
You know how it goes: you and your family are going on a vacation and are trying to fit all of the luggage in the car’s trunk. Normally, this is a difficult and tedious process, and it will only be worse if a difficult-to-fold rollator is brought along. Avoid these problems (especially if you love to travel) and buy a twice foldable rollator instead.

#3 – Easily fits through small doorways.
Not all homes have doorways that are equally wide. It can occur that a rollator will not fit through a doorway because it is simply too wide. In this case, too, it is better to buy a foldable rollator. 

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