Looking for a foldable handcart? There is a wide range of handcarts. We discuss a number of types of handcarts that we recommend.

Campart HC-0915 Foldable handcart

With its sturdy wheels and load capacity of up to 100 kilos you can put all your stuff in it for a day at the beach or heavy shopping bags. The wagon is easy to fold and unfold with one hand and in many cases comes with a free carrier bag. In addition, you can provide it with even more accessories.

Easy to store 🙂

The wagon is so compact that it can easily be stored in the back of your car. Thanks to the handy harmonica system, the handcart can be folded and unfolded in just one operation. Simply use the lever at the bottom of the trolley to fold the trolley into a compact package in just a few seconds.


In addition, it has water-repellent fabric. As a result, the Campart handcart can also withstand a rain shower or a leaking drinking cup. The handy pull rod simply clicks into place so that it does not always fall to the ground and the compact pack size of 42.5 x 21 x 80 cm means that the wagon fits packed in any car or caravan.
Weight: 11 kg | Product dimensions: 111 x 90.5 x 48 cm

Campart Bollerwagen Faltbar

Travellife Largo Bolderkar

The wagon is your helping hand when transporting things to your camping spot, for example. It is also ideal when you go to the beach or for a festival camping! This foldable wagon can carry up to 75 kg, so you can easily take all your camping chairs, cool boxes and other essentials with you. The robust plastic wheels of the wagon are extremely manoeuvrable and you simply pull the wagon on the ergonomic handle. In addition, the tub is made of weather-resistant textile and has a water-repellent coating. You can therefore use it in all weather conditions.
Weight: 9.6 kg | Dimensions product: 86 x 53 x 80 cm

Travellife Largo Bollerwagen

Beachtrekker Life

This is a folding wagon from Beachtrekker in the color ‘Black’ and. The Beachtrekker came out best in the test of the foldable wagon in Germany in this price range.
The Beachtrekker Life is equipped with a solid base plate with a filling for a comfortable seat. The wagon is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble without tools. Because of the low center of gravity, the wagon is very stable. The fabric is made of backpack fabric so it hardly tears. Due to the robust construction, the Beachtrekker can carry loads up to 100 kg.
In addition, it fits easily in any trunk or on the back seat of the car. When unfolded it has a very generous ‘interior’. Equipped with 300-4 pneumatic tyres with roller bearings at the rear and 200-5 pneumatic tyres at the front.

Weight: 16 kg | Total height from the ground: 66 cm and total length: 137 cm.

Beachtrekker Life

Puky Wagon

Puky’s wagon has all the good qualities you need. Easily foldable and in addition, the drawbar is quickly detachable.
The Puky wagon has leakproof wheels and a seat that is complete with belt. This way you are always ready for a big walk along the beach or park. The wagon with parking brake is easy to assemble. Because of the compact size, the wagon fits in almost any car. Take extra stuff with you thanks to the bag in the front of the wagon. Furthermore, this model has two mudguards on the rear wheels.
Material: textile | Weight: 12.4 kg | Leakproof tires | Detachable tow bar | Including parking brake

Trolleys with pneumatic tyres?

Almost all of the above trolleys have pneumatic tyres. This is very important, as it gives an indication that the wagon is of good quality. So always make sure that you check in advance whether the wagon has pneumatic tyres. If not, we advise you to look for an alternative.

Which brands are good?

There are a lot of good brands of handcarts. In this blog we have only discussed a few different types. In general, the brands Puky and Beachtrekker are known as very good. They have won several awards and are in many different best buy guides and top 10 lists. Of course you can search the internet even further for other different models.

Which accessories are often included?

That depends largely on a number of things. First of all, when purchasing a wagon, some companies also provide free accessories such as storage bags and / or stuff with which the wagon can be properly maintained. Think of sprays, extra spare tires or repair kits. Exactly what you will receive when you purchase your wagon, you should always check with the party where you buy it.

Difference between outdoor and indoor handcarts?

On the other hand, there are some brands that only produce indoor or outdoor wagon carts. In that case, this is often clearly indicated on the product page.

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