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Despite the fact that many people need a rollator, it is quite difficult to find a good one. We experienced this problem while we were searching for a rollator for our grandmother. We thought it would be an easy task, but there were too many different types, brands and suppliers. We were overwhelmed by choice.

The problems we ran into..

We could not test the rollator at home..

‘’We haven’t just looked around on the internet; we have also made visits to several different stores. We we were often expected to purchase a rollator right away, and sometimes pay over 300 euros, while our grandmother could not try the rollator at home.’’ – Gijs

Most rollators need maintenance on a regularly basis as they use low-quality tires and materials..

‘’We aimed at selling rollators which were not just stable, lightweight and qualitatively good, but also durable. A rollator that would last at least 5 years and that wouldn’t need service every year. A lot of rollators are dangerous, as they have unstable (and quickly deteriorating) tires. This can cause the elderly to fall much easier, which is something we wanted to prevent at all cost. Eventually we came across the MultiMotion rollators, and they ticked all the boxes’’ – Bram

Our warehouse for storing rollators

Our warehouse


Our warehouse is located in Naarden, situated in the middle of the Netherlands. The rollators are stored and  sent from our warehouse. As our logistical processes are aligned pretty well, we can deliver the rollators within a week.

Transparency towards our customers is very important. Therefore, we like to show you around in our warehouse. On this page, you can find several images of our storage hall. 

We deliver the rollators to people living in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and England. In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our customer service.

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Our warehouse
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