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From experience with our grandmother, we know that not everyone knows whether a rollator is perfect after a few minutes of test driving in a busy store. Every home situation is different. Besides that, people need some time to get used to a new rollator. That’s why at Lucas you get 100 days of test driving. Plenty of time, so you can try it at your own place and pace.


100 Days Trial Rollator Walker Testing

100 Days of test driving
You can test drive the Lucas rollator for 100 days. This way you know for sure whether the rollator is perfect for you. You don’t get used to a rollator from one day to the next. We give you the time you need…

Ready to go delivered

Delivered ready-made
The rollator is delivered ready-to-go. Take the rollator out of the box, adjust the length and you’re ready to go. We have already put the rollator together for you. No hassles!

Free delivery and return

Free delivery and returns
We deliver the rollator to your doorstep free of charge. If you want to return the rollator within 100 days, we will pick it up at your home. Our pick-up service is free of charge!
Licensed and ceritified

Extensively tested
The Lucas rollator has a CE mark. No fuss and frills, just a good, foldable rollator with reliable brakes, durable wheels and light weight.
Best rollator - Lucas Mobility

A sustainable, lightweight and timelessly designed rollator.

At Lucas Mobility you’ll find just two unique and high-quality rollators. A timeless design, high quality tires and easily foldable. No annual services or other liabilities: simply a rollator of high standard. If the product does not live up to your expectations: the rollator can be returned within a time slot of 100 days and your money will be refunded to you. As far as we know, we are currently the only provider that offers this warranty to their customers for rollators.

Lucas Mobility was founded after Gijs and Bram were looking for a suitable rollator for their grandmother. They found it very difficult to find a good rollators, as they lost their way between hundreds of different suppliers, brands and models. Even stores that specialized in homecare gave them the runaround, and they quickly found themselves overpaying.

After an endless search and three unsatisfactory purchases, they decided to build their own walker. Their main goal was to relieve people in finding a suitable rollator.

Lucas Rollator with PU tires

A rollator without compromise


Because our rollator is manufactured from aluminium, it only weighs a mere 6.9 kg. Despite the rollator’s lightweight, the product feels firm and steady and enables you to easily pass a threshold or curb.

Sustainable tires & comfortable seat support.

The tires of the Trollimaster are made from PU rubber, making them perfect for on the road, even during less favourable weather conditions. With most rollators, tires will need replacement after about a year. The MultiMotion Trollimaster’s tires, however, will last you years on end.

Timeless design.

Without any unnecessary embellishments, a rollator still has to look good. The MultiMotion rollator has a solid and timeless design.

100 days of trial

From the moment the rollator is delivered to your home, you have 100 days to decide whether or not the rollator meets your expectations. If not: we will retrieve it free of charge and your money will be refunded to you.

Lucas Mobility is a trusted shop
Lucas Mobility Trusted Shop
Double folded rollator

Foldable & easily transportable.

The rollator is perfectly suited for people who like to travel. The rollator can be folded easily. The Trollimaster can be stored in any car, as it can be folded twice. In case you have a small car, it might be the perfect choice. The MultiMotion rollator is also allowed to board a plane.


Total weight: 6,9 kg
Total height handles: 81-101 cm
Seat height: 60 cm
Seat width: 45 cm
Total width: 62 cm
Total length: 65 cm
Total width when folded: 28 cm
User weight: 113 kg

Ordering a rollator walker online

If you want to order a walker online, it is wise to check in advance which walker suits you best. The good news is that we have already done most of this research for you. After having tested more than ten different types of rollator ourselves, we now know what a good rollator should fulfil. We have used this knowledge to be sure that we are selling only the best of the best.

What do you need to look for when buying a walker?

This is by far the most frequently asked question. What should I look for when I want to buy a rollator walker for myself or someone else. Of course, the definition of the ideal walker is a little different for everyone. However, there are a number of parts of a walker-rollator where most people agree on what it should fulfil. We list them in detail below:

1) A good rollator has good brakes. In other words: the brakes react quickly when someone uses them.
2) A good rollator is made of light materials, which makes it easy to transport.
3) A good rollator often has a stable back and is often foldable. We have also written a blog about the differences between good and bad rollators.

How expensive is a walker?

Of course there are rollators in different price ranges. One walker is not the other, and often cheap walkers are also of poor quality. However, it is not true that an extremely expensive rollator of 400+ Euros is much better than a rollator of about 200-300 Euros. Often the big difference in price is also explained by the cost that a particular company has to pay to manufacture rollators. For example, think of the staff in a shop that has to be paid. However, our overhead costs are low and we can therefore offer lower prices.

How do you use a walking aid?

A walker is often easy to use. Most walkers are delivered ready for use and can be used immediately. Some rollators still have to be assembled. It is advisable to set the rollator to the desired height (if possible) beforehand. Furthermore, use speaks for itself and it is important to check the brakes from time to time.

What are foldable or collapsible rollators?

A foldable rollator is a rollator that is easy – you’ve probably guessed it already – to fold. The advantage of such a rollator is that it is of course easier to store and therefore very easy to take with you on a plane or in a car. The rollators we sell are foldable. This can be an important added value for someone who considers buying a rollator from our shop.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Rollators

What is the difference between an indoor walker and an outdoor walker? This is another question we are often asked. An indoor rollator is is only suitable for indoor usage – inside your own house or other buildings. On the other hand, some walking aids are also suitable for outdoor use such as at the streets. Lucas Mobility walkers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

How heavy is a rollator?

The weight of a rollator depends on the material it is made of. It is often the case that a carbon rollator weighs little. Moreover, carbon is a very durable and high-end material that you can rely on for a long time. A carbon rollator often weighs between 5-8 kg. On the other hand, there are also rollators that are a lot heavier. That can even go up to 14 kg. This often has the disadvantage that these rollators are a lot less mobile. When you try to lift them to get on a sidewalk, it can be difficult. We therefore advise people to take the weight of a rollator into consideration before buying one. Our rollators are of light weight.

How much weight/load can my rollator handle?

A rollator often has a seat support when someone wants to sit on his rollator. This can be practical during a long walk. In these cases it is important that the user is not too heavy for the rollator. There have been nasty accidents where people fell through their rollator. For this reason it is good to know how many kilograms is allowed for your rollator. Our rollators easily handle up to 120 kg. On the other hand, there are also rollators – often made of bad materials – that can get problems at 80 kg load. Some particular brands have developed rollators that are specially made for people with more than 120 kg. These rollators are called XXL-rollators and are often suitable up to 200 kg.

What is the ideal height for my rollator?

We often get questions about what height is most suitable for a rollator. It is important that the rollator has a height that is in line with the length of the user. The user should feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore the rollator should be high enough that the user can walk upright. If you don’t do this, you can get back problems after a while. In addition, a forced arm movement can also cause problems. Fortunately, it is quite easy to check if your rollator is at the right height. The handles of the rollator should be at the same height as when you hold your hands along your side.

What our customers say..

Really happy!
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating
The Trollimaster is the rollator that we have been looking for. Our grandmother really wanted to have a rollator, but it had to have firm tires. The Trollimaster’s rubber PU tires give her that extra grip. Finally there is a web shop where you don’t drown in offers from dozens of different rollators.


Did the job for me 🙂
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating
Despite needing one, I have not bought a rollator in a long time. Most rollators look dull and I was afraid of suddenly feeling ten years older when walking around with it. I was looking for a sporty design and eventually arrived at Lucas Mobility and their Multimotion rollators. They looked good, so I decided to take a chance. Customer service told me that I could always return it free of charge. The rollator was delivered quickly and I started using it right away. Incredibly nice.


Pleasant rollator
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Up until now, I have not had a better rollator than the Trollimaster. I have been a proud owner of different rollators these past 10 years, and I have already worn out over five different brands and models. I can honestly say that this rollator is a keeper. Pleasant, light and foldable. Can easily be put in the back of the car. Thank you!


Frequently asked questions..

How do I return the product?
You can return the product in three easy steps. Read about the return policy here.
What accessories are included in the purchase of a rollator?
If you purchase a MultiMotion rollator through our services, you will receive a free tray and a luxury shopping bag with it. On the product page, we have specified for each rollator which accessories are included.
Is the rollator suitable for indoor and outdoor activity?
The rollator enables you to easily move around in your home as well as on the street. Thresholds and curbs are not a problem.
How do I clean my rollator?
The frame can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Naturally, it is not obligated to clean your rollator daily, but it does ensure that the product stays in the best possible condition.
Gijs - Rollator specialist and founder Lucas Mobility

Try the Multimotion rollator up to 100 days. If you don’t love it, we’ll pick it up for free.